Craftsmanship at Lena Hoschek
Craftsmanship at Lena Hoschek

Lena Hoschek has always stood for products that meet the highest standards. We care about quality and the values that go along with it: humanity, trust, responsibility, and sustainability. That is why Lena Hoschek only works with European workshops and sustainable and ethical suppliers.

M. Maurer M. Maurer

A perfect example of this is our collaboration with the traditional company M. Maurer in Vienna, which was founded in 1863 and is now run by the sixth generation of the family. Konrad Maurer and his son Albert preserve the art of trimmings, specializing in decorative ribbons, braids, trim, fringe, cords, and tassels. Many applications that adorn our pieces are made here by hand exclusively for Lena Hoschek. Some of the machines used are so traditional that they can produce items that modern machines simply cannot recreate. Every product and material are made with the right machine and in the traditional method.

We also see it as our direct responsibility to use natural materials and prefer fabrics from European companies, such as the family business SEIDRA, whose tradition dates back to 1547. Today, SEIDRA is one of the last linen weaving mills in Austria and one of the last companies in Europe to combine weaving and embroidery under one roof. The environmentally conscious and pollutant-free production of the high-quality fabrics takes place exclusively in Carinthia, so the origin of the fabrics is transparent and traceable. This way we know where, from whom, and how our fabrics are produced, and can also avoid unnecessary transport routes.

Fair production is a give and take. For us this also means seeing the people behind every piece of clothing, showing understanding, and insisting on fair and healthy working conditions.