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Süddeutsche Zeitung

… Hoschek advises against following the latest fashion trends. Instead, she says, choose the clothes that suit your body shape and personal style. These pieces are sure to stand the test of time …


Breezy ruffle-edged wrap-over dresses meet opulent maxi-skirts with voluptuous flounces; blouses with pretty Carmen necklines exude playfulness and sophistication in equal measure. Our personal highlight: the elaborately draped Lemonade Wedding Dress with silk taffeta ruffles in zingy citrus shades that set our pulses racing.


Which issues in fashion are you currently most focused on? My collections always concentrate first and foremost on the curves of the female silhouette, which I find infinitely fascinating …


Sella Vargün // sella.varguen@lenahoschek.com  // +43 664 920 62 67