Lena Hoschek - Atelier - Craftsman

’A trade in hand finds gold in every land’, goes the old saying. It is my hope and my dream that traditional craftsmanship will continue to have a future in Austria.” - Lena Hoschek

The child that sewed clothes for her dolls instead of playing with them, Lena Hoschek is the born dressmaker! She learnt the basics of sewing, knitting and crocheting from her grandmother Aloisia, who was from the Mölltal valley in Carinthia in the eastern Alps. Her parents taught her the value and quality of true craftsmanship. Today, she is sharing these values through her fashion.

Lena Hoschek designing Lena Hoschek designs dress

Knowledge. Art. History.

As an atelier, as an Austrian company, as tailors, we are dedicated to handcraftsmanship. Our duty is to keep the traditional art of couture alive

Craftsmanship tells stories; it transports knowledge. The fashion of decades gone by is not only a source of inspiration, but also has a lot to teach us about how craftsmanship functioned in the past and can continue to do so today. Our mission is to share the tales of traditional craftsmanship with the next generation; by doing so, we hope that these stories, which are already many centuries old, will continue to be passed on down the generations for many centuries to come.

“Clothing from the past is inspiring; it can also educate us.” - Lena Hoschek

Timeless. Reliable. Sustainable.

Whether it is worked entirely by hand or with a sewing machine, only clothing produced by skilled tailors can stand the test of time. This is a key value in our company. Our collections are designed to last across the generations, to be passed down and given a new lease of life over and over. This form of sustainability than can only be achieved with good craftsmanship

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