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Production & Quality

„For me, quality always means the highest quality.“ - Liane Aufgebauer, Production

Behind every piece of clothing by Lena Hoschek are the people who were involved in its production, from the initial idea all the way through to the finished product in a synthesis between lovingly created designs, hand-picked materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. We stand behind this process, with the support of numerous tailors and dressmakers, suppliers and producers.

Lena Hoschek SS19 Moodboard Lena Hoschek SS19 Drafts

The Design

"Often, it’s the fabrics themselves that inspire my designs.” - Lena Hoschek

Each collection begins with a visit to the international fabric fairs, where Lena personally seeks out the most stunning fabrics, the most distinctive buttons and the most unusual braids and ribbons.

"I decide the theme of each collection based on gut feeling, inspiration and my personal Zeitgeist. I can find inspiration anytime and anywhere - on my travels, outside among nature, while reading ancient literature or strolling around flea markets. Throughout the creative process, I collect my ideas on mood boards that gradually grow larger and larger. These mood boards are particularly important for me, as they help me to filter my inspiration and organise my ideas." - Lena Hoschek

Music also always plays a central role. I choose my playlists to suit the theme – it really helps me dive deep into the design process., explains Lena Hoschek.

Based on the mood board and the fabric selection, the designer then creates her first sketches and designs. The fabrics are key - often it’s the fabric that really brings a design to life.

Once Lena has put her ideas to paper, the staff at the atelier then set about transforming them into clothing.

Season after season, the pieces created behind closed doors at the atelier in Vienna are first presented to the public at Berlin Fashion Week. This represents the culmination of a long creative process involving a great deal of patience and persistence: first, the paper template is transferred to the toile.

It is vital that these first pieces are cut with the utmost precision. In line with our commitment to sustainability, it is important that no fabric is wasted. To make the best use of the fabric, it is placed and cut several times. Intricate embroidery work and sewing special ribbons demand a steady hand and our dressmakers are not only masters of their trade, but also artists in their own right.

The sample collection isn’t created in one go - the process of tailoring each piece can involve re-laying, ironing and folding the fabric many times over. Sometimes, a design needs to be started over from scratch. The sample is finally finished once all the individual pieces have been sewn together. Then, it’s time for the fitting, where a model tries on the piece. The fitting reveals whether the design looks the way it ought to. At this stage, a piece is just as likely to be rejected as it is to be approved!

Beyond the realms of Fashion Week, our aim is for every single one of our customers to be able to wear a Lena Hoschek item that fits her perfectly. Our basic silhouette always remains the same and is based on two key elements: a fitted waist and a skirt that either closely hugs the hips or flares out to create the perfect hourglass figure and accentuate the female form. Our aim is always to design clothing that flatters a woman’s body.

Each collection revolves around this basic shape, which is interpreted a new each season. We constantly challenge ourselves to continue to refine and improve the fit, the details and tailoring techniques used in our clothing so that our designs continue to appeal to our customers from season to season, both in terms of the finishing and workmanship as well as the more obvious exterior details.

“I’m always on the lookout for something unique and distinctive, which is why many of our fabrics are printed, woven, dyed or embroidered exclusively for us. We also comb through the archives of our partners to find unique fabrics for special designs. When it comes to fabric, I’m like a truffle pig, always on the hunt for exquisite fabrics steeped in history – it’s a foible I’ve had since I was a little girl.” - Lena Hoschek

The Workshops 

Sustainable production can be ensured only if we meet each of our partners on an equal footing. We know the people who sew our collections for us; we are close to hand with a sympathetic ear and we aren’t afraid to roll our sleeves up and get involved if help is needed.

Our seamstresses and tailors work at workshops at 16 sites across Europe: Portugal, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia and Slovakia. These men and women all have exceptional skills and unique stories. Each workshop has a handful or a couple of dozen employees. These are the small businesses, family companies and long-term partners we trust.

By working with small workshops, we can guarantee high social standards, dignified and safe working conditions and reliable partnerships. One of the great advantages of these small production sites is that even the most unusual requirements can be implemented to the highest standard. Each of the countries in which our workshops are located specialises in the production of different types of products - knitwear or leather goods, for example.

The Quality

To maintain quality, one must always strive for the very best: we uphold our high standards, correcting and refining the work of the threads, needles and scissors.

Highest quality - from the selection of the fabrics, to the pattern cutting to the production process.

Every dress supplied to our atelier is inspected by hand. Each item is measured, and the material and workmanship examined. The sizing label, the care label and the logo must be placed precisely and neatly stitched into place; ribbons and buttons must be securely attached; the zip must work faultlessly. The inspection also checks for any loose threads.

Only items that meet our stringent quality standards and reflect our corporate philosophy will be approved for sale.