Care instructions

Washing Instructions

For the optimal care of your favourite Lena Hoschek pieces!

Where the label indicates, our garments are machine washable. As recommended on the care label, always select the delicate or hand wash cycle. Using a mesh laundry bag can help protect the fabric in the laundry drum. Please use liquid detergent only; do not use fabric softener or washing powder. When washing intense colours or prints featuring several different colours, add a colour-catcher sheet to each wash. Always wash garments inside out and with similar colours, even when using a hand wash cycle. Use liquid detergent sparingly and wait until it has dispersed completely.

Rinse the item first with warm, then with cold water. Never leave garments soaking in water as this may cause colour-bleeding that could stain lighter colours. Never rub or wring out your clothing. Instead, roll in a clean towel before drying as instructed on the care label, either flat or on a hanger. Iron or steam while slightly damp.

We recommend that you do not use the tumble dryer.

Please also note that machine washing may alter or damage the drape of your item. In case of doubt, have your Lena Hoschek items – especially pieces featuring appliqué details, special folds, etc. - professionally cleaned as stated on the care label.

We are unable to assume any liability for faults that appear directly after washing. If you follow our care instructions, you should be able to enjoy wearing your Lena Hoschek garment for many years. We use almost exclusively natural fabrics; the colour intensity of fabrics made without synthetic fibres will gradually fade with frequent washing. This is not a quality defect.



Professional Tips:


- Please always follow the instructions on the care label of your Lena Hoschek garment.

- Store worn items in a well-aired, dry place, but don’t wait too long before washing!

- Use lots of water and as little detergent as possible

- Always use liquid detergent, not washing powder.

- Wash and iron inside-out.

- Never leave garments soaking in water (sink or washing machine).

- Always remove and hang up immediately.

- Never dry in direct sunlight.

- Before washing, be sure to remove all detachable items, such as belts, etc.

- Fasten zips and buttons before washing.

- For delicate items, we recommend using a mesh laundry bag, which should be selected to fit the size of the item!

- Always add a ‘colour-catcher’ sheet when washing intense colours or prints.

- Printed items with folds and pleats should always be hung up to dry.


Merino Wool:

Unlike cotton and viscose, Merino wool does not absorb odours, which means it stays fresh without the need for frequent washing. Simply air thoroughly after each wear and allow the fabric 1-2 days’ rest before wearing again. If you do need to wash the garment, use a liquid wool detergent and select the cold wash cycle of your washing machine. Do not use fabric softener, which has a negative effect on the moisture-wicking and heat-regulating properties of the wool fibres. The best way to dry merino wool items is to lay them flat on a towel.

Fold your knitwear and store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Hanging can stretch the fibres, which may alter the length and shape of the garment. To prevent unsightly pilling, always make sure that your clothing doesn’t rub on rough or textured surfaces, such as handbag straps.



Viscose is a synthetic fibre made from cellulose obtained primarily from wood or bamboo. When wet, viscose shrinks slightly and becomes stiff; this is known as “wet rigidity”. The fabric returns to its original form and feel as soon as it is ironed. We recommend reshaping while slightly damp, then laying flat or hanging to dry. Please refer to the care label for specific instructions.



We usually recommend that silk garments be professionally dry cleaned. In general, delicate silk pieces should be washed only by hand using a liquid detergent specifically for silk and delicates. Other detergents may leave the silk dull and brittle. Reshape gently while damp, never stretch or wring, as this may cause the fibres to rip. To remove excess moisture, roll the item in a clean towel then lay flat or hang to dry on a shaped hanger.



For garments made of cotton, we recommend a 30-40 degree gentle wash cycle. For delicate pieces, use a mesh laundry bag in an appropriate size. Wash and iron inside out and wash with similar