15 years Lena Hoschek Tradition
Lena Hoschek Tradition

Two times a year „Lena Hoschek Tradition“ presents a new collection, which is characterized by exquisite natural materials and extraordinary craftsmanship. But not only does „Lena Hoschek Tradition“ stand for a sense of home, quality of work, but also for a cautious development in the sector of “Tracht” plus highlighting feminine curves.

Lena Hoschek Atelier Lena Hoschek Atelier

Together with her grandmother Lena sewed her first Dirndl based on the traditional „Kärntner Dirndl“: black fabric for the body, hand-sewn decorative ruffles along the neckline, the skirt made of heavy black woollen fabric with a matching blue checked cotton apron. It requires elaborate techniques to make a Dirndl and one can say that this event shaped Lena’s passion for traditional Austrian clothing.

In the early years of success Lena focused on her prêt-à-porter collections, but with time she had the desire to launch her own Trachten line. In 2009 „Lena Hoschek Tradition“ was born. The „Aloisia Cardigan“ is a reminiscence of Lena’s grandmother and how she taught her the wonderful craftsmanships of making clothes.

„For me it’s very important to preserve the traditional craft. All our Dirndls are handmade in the traditional way. Above all our Dirndls should tell a story across generations. “ - Lena Hoschek -

All the pieces of „Lena Hoschek Tradition“ are made with great attention to detail. You can find elaborate dresses with hand-sewn ruffles and aprons as well as with lavishly assembled ribbons. Lena also dedicates a lot of time for picking and choosing the right materials and fabrics. Take silk, for example, which gets produced in a Viennese silk weaving mill.

Lena tries to offer a multifaceted range in her Trachten line, hence you can find the traditional Dirndl you know from your grandma, but also Dirndl with a modern twist. Elegant Walkjanker jackets and romantic circle skirts are also part of the repertoire and offer a great alternative to traditional dresses.

Lena Hoschek Atelier Lena Hoschek Atelier