About Lena

The success story began in a 50-square-meter Renaissance building in the heart of Graz, which served as Lena Hoschek’s first studio. In November 2005, the then 24-year-old opened her first store with self-sewn clothing. The outdoor fashion show, a defilee of a different kind, ended in a boisterous street party. “On that day, I sold my very first ribbon skirt. It was spectacularly beautiful for me. And it has remained a trademark to this day,” says the designer with an enthusiastic smile. What happened since then… 

Born in 1981 in Graz, this meticulous dressmaker is a creative force, a determined entrepreneur, and a devoted mother to Johann and Apollonia. As a boss, she brings a unique blend of vigor and charm to her endeavors. It’s this dynamic spirit that permeates her fashion designs, seamlessly combining delicate and robust patterns with feminine cuts. The result is a collection that not only makes bold statements but also imparts a smart, tough, or playful attitude to those who wear her creations.

Our philosophy


We see it as our duty to uphold age-old, traditional craftsmanship. Whether it’s our biannual Prêt-à-porter and Tradition collection or our meticulously crafted Business Collection, quality, precision, and top-notch service form the bedrock of our corporate philosophy. These values not only permeate our products but also resonate in our enduring partnerships with talented producers, working hand in hand with us. Furthermore, our pursuit is not merely about chasing transient trends but rather about creating timeless, beautiful fashion that transcends the confines of seasons and generations.


As an atelier and a proud Austrian establishment, we don’t merely consider ourselves as ordinary dressmakers; instead, we embrace the role of custodians of a craft deeply rooted in tradition. Our commitment surpasses mere obligation — it is a devoted pledge to safeguard the time-honored art of tailoring. This dedication is evident in our efforts to preserve the essence of tailoring from bygone eras, all the while actively meeting, sculpting, and reigniting the needs and desires of our esteemed customers.


What good is it if we’re all dressed beautifully, but the world doesn’t exist tomorrow? Sustainability has been at the forefront of our company since its inception, on multiple levels. We design clothing for generations, produced fairly – far from fads and trends, never at the expense of others or our environment. With passion, we promote old tailoring craftsmanship and preserve Austrian traditions.

Our Producers

Values, ideals, and standards are the driving force behind each of our creations. We understand our responsibility and gladly embrace it – for our team, our customers, and our environment. That’s why we collaborate with European manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability and ethics.