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From regional magazines to the glossy pages of Vogue, Lena Hoschek’s designs are celebrated worldwide for their inimitable quality, sustainability and creativity. Worn by connoisseurs and style icons, these pieces of jewellery celebrate the female form in all its glory.


March, 2024

The Lena Hoschek AW 23/24 Jolene collection strikes a balance between modern femininity and western chic. Its strong silhouettes and detailed designs present trends and content that touch the heart.


December, 2023

The Swedish royals, Princess Madeleine Leonore and Princess Adrienne, delight in the Mini-Me partner look.


February, 2022

‘What if I fail, what if the company doesn’t work or what if I don’t earn enough money. I’ve never thought about that. I always say: talent, hard work and a healthy dose of megalomania are a good mix for success in self-employment,’ says Hoschek.

From her creative career to the inspiring development of the ribbon skirt and a very personal insight into the life of the renowned dressmaker.


August, 2020

‘ From the outset, our commitment has been to uphold and preserve traditional and time-honored craftsmanship,’ explains Lena Hoschek.

In a personal interview, the dressmaker discusses her experiences navigating the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. She highlights the necessity for a significant transformation in the fashion industry, advocating for enhanced sustainability and more conscious consumption.

Die Presse

January, 2020

Lena Hoschek takes us on a cultural journey that starts in Vienna and traverses the Balkans to the picturesque landscapes of France and Italy, not ending before exploring the vibrant traditions of Eastern Anatolia and Moldova. All of this is reflected in her Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, “Artisan Partisan.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

July, 2019

…Hoschek advises against following every trend. Instead, she suggests buying clothing that truly suits one’s personal style, as such pieces tend to last longer…


July, 2019

What themes in fashion are currently inspiring you?

In my collections, the focus is always on the female body, which I find endlessly fascinating…


July, 2018

Airy wrap dresses with ruffles meet opulent maxi skirts adorned with lush flounces; playful off-the-shoulder blouses achieve a look that’s both sophisticated and elegant. Our personal highlight: The intricately draped Lemonade Wedding Dress, featuring silk taffeta flounces in fresh citrus tones that make our hearts flutter.


March, 2018

Feminine retro style, 1950s pin-up influences, and patterned fabrics in various colors define her collections. With a focus on the waist, she places femininity at the heart of her creations. Typical for Lena Hoschek are also circle skirts, lace blouses, and figure-hugging corsets…


March, 2017

‘On this special day, the bride should truly shine and capture everyone’s attention. The dress should fit perfectly, highlight her personal assets, and be comfortable enough to enjoy every moment,’ says Lena Hoschek.


January, 2016

…Her Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 collection is named ‘The Brits,’ drawing inevitable influences from the young Queen and Miss Marple…


July, 2015


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