AW 23/24

Mystical traditional fall

The autumn/winter collection by Lena Hoschek Tradition pays tribute to the history of craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics. It celebrates the seasons in their most beautiful and magnificent colors.

Romantic flowers entwine themselves on elegant dresses, playful skirts or can be found as artful embroidery on warming vests. The fabrics radiate authenticity and show structure. Rural charm is combined with delicate elegance. Compact materials such as loden and leather meet soft qualities. Fine lace blouses skillfully create a sophisticated touch, while refined knitwear exudes a rustic, dignified rusticity.

The artistic ribbons typical of Lena Hoschek are skillfully arranged on traditional dresses made from soft, cosy checked fabrics, creating a harmonious, festively elegant interplay. Timeless pieces with the incomparable signature of the dressmaker, which passionately revive the Austrian identity and celebrate pure femininity. To complement the many magnificent dresses, a sophisticated knickerbocker in soft corduroy is a very special favorite piece from Lena.

The Lena Hoschek brand stands for Austrian culture, which the designer herself lives with great conviction. Designs that are not just created for the fleeting moment, but celebrate true durability and gain personality over the years.

This collection is once again characterized by timeless longevity, which benefits our environment and also the wearers, who can enjoy their unique pieces for many seasons to come.