With elegance and assurance, she uses her attire to send deliberate messages, seeking visibility. Her femininity is celebrated, her competence undoubted. In the spotlight, her personality and style harmonize flawlessly. Rising above convention, she remains authentically herself, exuding confidence and pride. This is the essence of the woman adorned in the Lena Hoschek Business Collection.

“Career and femininity should not exclude each other but rather become business as usual.”

Female work force

In an era where the notion of a dowdy uniform is increasingly falling out of fashion, this dressmaker designs business looks that are anything but conservative. Lena Hoschek, with a playful twinkle, reimagines the traditional office wardrobe, ushering in a 9-to-5 elegance designed to empower women to celebrate, rather than conceal, their femininity in the workplace. Through her tailored designs, Lena challenges outdated norms and stiff silhouettes, crafting a collection that marries the classic with the timeless. Her dress code boldly accentuates rather than hides, female forms, setting them deliberately on display.

“Professional success and sex appeal do not have to be contradictory. The most important thing is that a woman feels comfortable in her outfit and that it gives her confidence” – says the designer.”

The centerpieces of the collection

Timeless elegance, pure femininity, and exquisite materials meet precise tailoring and figure-flattering silhouettes with exceptional comfort – this defines the Office Attire à la Hoschek.