Values, ideals, and standards are the driving force behind each of our creations. We understand our responsibility and gladly embrace it – for our team, our customers, and our environment. That’s why we collaborate with European manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability and ethics.

A sense of understanding

We believe that success comes with responsibilities. We aim to harness our capabilities to create and sustain long-term jobs in Austria and Europe. Jobs where people feel valued and understood. Positions where they can thrive and realize their full potential.We hold deep respect for the team behind our collections, and our suppliers share the same sentiment. We work closely with them, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

As CPO Werner Blohmann explains, ‘Lena Hoschek nurtures enduring connections with its manufacturers, representing a bond based on trust and an equal partnership’. It’s through these collaborations that we are able to create pieces that have captivated with their unparalleled aesthetics, intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship for nearly two decades.

Sustainability is our way of life

We are dedicated to both our customers and our environment. That’s why we adhere to strict ethical, sustainable, and social principles. Hence, in our material selection, we give precedence to transparency and environmentally conscious, non-toxic, and gentle fabric production.Furthermore, we primarily opt for natural materials, many of which are recycled. Our team is always committed to acting in line with sustainability principles, even when it comes to transportation. One of the many benefits of manufacturing in Europe is the positive impact we can have on our carbon footprint.

For a better tomorrow

Slow fashion isn’t just a buzzword for us; it has been an important part of our business since the very beginning. For instance, our dirndl frills are still crafted by hand, making them valuable counterpoints to the hasty world of fast fashion. Thus, our customers, through their purchases, automatically contribute to a better – and more beautiful – tomorrow.