What good is it if we’re all dressed beautifully, but the world doesn’t exist tomorrow? Sustainability has been at the forefront of our company since its inception, on multiple levels. We design clothing for generations, produced fairly – far from fads and trends, never at the expense of others or our environment. With passion, we promote old tailoring craftsmanship and preserve Austrian traditions. 

Deliberate Choice of Materials

Only those who think holistically and are committed to their values make a difference. Sustainability begins with the choice of materials. We primarily use natural materials such as cotton, silk, cashmere, viscose, and wool – including recycled materials. We make compromises where we see added value: stretchable or wrinkle-resistant fabrics, fine tulle, exceptionally delicate bridal lace, or pleats – often recycled as well. Over the years, we’ve realized that it’s about finding a healthy balance.

We aim to create meaningful products

It’s important for us to collaborate with European businesses that operate sustainably – often with a long history. It’s about upholding traditions, making today livable, and securing tomorrow. That’s why everyone in our company works with passion and conviction to create meaningful products. We see the people behind each garment and insist on fair and healthy working conditions. Most of our employees are women, many of whom have families. We personally know our producers, are on-site, and pitch in. 

Preserving the textile industry in Europe comes at a cost and means higher expenses. Our customers contribute to maintaining these jobs.’

Never at the expense of others

Lena Hoschek grew up on the outskirts of Graz and in the Mölltal in Carinthia. She discovered her love for nature early on and experienced a free childhood in the garden and in the forest. Flowers, trees, plants, fresh air, the four seasons – all of these have shaped her, even in her aesthetics and style. Protecting the environment is therefore particularly close to the designer’s heart – both personally and professionally. Hence, the clear commitment that is embraced by everyone in the company: We engage in business, but never at the expense of others or at the cost of our environment.

Fashion that lasts a long time

Our environment concerns us all. Therefore, we strive to minimize waste and waste throughout the entire production process. We use fabric remnants to create limited editions. We also archive fabric remnants so that we can work with the original fabric for repairs of damaged garments. We don’t follow trends but create timeless designs that endure across seasons and even generations. One of our biggest compliments: We have been among the most searched brands on Willhaben for years, with up to 30,000 searches per month. This shows us the value of our collections – and their enduring appeal. Lena Hoschek herself has embraced the second-hand spirit since her youth:

‘Back then, I often borrowed clothing from my grandmother or my mom. In the early ’90s, vintage wasn’t in. I often heard comments like, ‘What, that’s not new?’ But I never wanted something new; I wanted something special. Something that no one else had.’