The dressmaker designs two ready-to-wear collections each year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter – always pursuing a new vision, discovering exquisite fabrics, incorporating time-tested cuts, surprising with fresh designs, and weaving everything into a theme that runs like a thread through the pieces and the brand’s identity.

‘In my ready-to-wear collections, I take full liberty to draw inspiration from everything.’

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Lena Hoscheks Ready-to-wear Collections

Over the years, a vast range and diversity have emerged in her creations. The designer explains, ‘In my ready-to-wear collections, I take the complete freedom to draw inspiration from everything: from the L’Heure Bleu of the great jazz era in 1950s New York, from Provence to the Resistance, there were African vibes in Hot Mama Africa, as well as Mexican or Hungarian influences, a Hula collection, fashion impulses from Picnic, Country Garden, Cottagecore, or the eccentricity of the 18th century. The feminine look with the emphasized waist and female power is always taken on a specific journey.’

And more than that. Through these creative journeys in the collections, an unmistakable corporate identity is created, receiving a fresh smart twist every six months. The theme of the collection can be found in the catalog, labels, bags, greeting cards, and other details. Ideas turn into collections and collectible editions that customers pursue online with a specific goal in mind.

The inspiration is boundless

In the ready-to-wear collections, Lena Hoschek can indulge in creativity, absorb music trends and subcultures, and essentially ‘materialize’ them. Inspiration can come from an arena concert, a quirky Vivienne Westwood combination, a Nick Cave song, or a sentimental power ballad. ‘If you’re a music lover, you feel at home in many directions. It’s the same with fabrics.’ Lena designs not only fashion but also moods and a sense of life – one that represents many things.

 ‘I adored Laura Ashley and listened to Sex Pistols. I watched Anne of Green Gables and went hardcore,’ Lena sums up the sources of her creative impulses. Her genuine interest in life with all its facets is reflected in her fashion. Everything comes together with a sense of beauty. Playing with contrasts has been Hoschek’s forte since her youth, and she remains true to that path. Even the Tradition Collection and the Ready-to-Wear Collection, which are color-coordinated seasonally, can be mixed and matched outfit-wise. ‘If customers cleverly combine the pieces, it doesn’t bother me. Everything that sells well is actually a compliment,’ the businesswoman grins. This results in countless combinations in every wardrobe, as Lena’s creativity never runs out: ‘My creativity is alive. It doesn’t languish in some corner.’

SS 24

For “Fresco”, Lena was inspired by true treasures of art history, the magnificent Italian wall paintings that experienced their heyday during the Renaissance. Lena has created a collection that reflects the unique aesthetics and complexity of frescoes as well as the beauty of the Italian landscape and the elegance of Mediterranean villas.