A sense of home – with international esprit. A homage to timeless elegance and ancient craftsmanship. In this collection, Hoschek masterfully fuses heritage and a deep bond with nature.

We weave Tales

Each item in the collection weaves a narrative, born from regional influences and historical echoes. ‘I’m fascinated by the techniques people have adopted to express themselves, in art and textiles, or the fusion of both,’ muses Hoschek. From folkloric embroideries to genuine materials, these creations mirror the meticulous love that resides within every design. 

‘With every Tradition collection, I unveil my love for my  homeland and traditions from all corners of the world,’ shares Hoschek. The designs bear witness to a deep appreciation of style history and culture. ‘We consciously sell handcrafted Dirndls and meticulously handcrafted traditional ruffles ensuring that this tradition transcends the confines of weddings, custom orders, and museums.’ Hoschek explains.

‘Tradition is the much-anticipated embrace, and Ready-to-wear is the good sex!’

The past’s whispers echo in the present

These designs are reminiscent of an era when craftsmanship and quality were paramount, paying homage to bygone times. At Lena Hoschek, the essence of the past is infused with a modern twist. Thus, we create a seamless bridge between yesterday and today, giving birth to timeless pieces that transcend fashion trends. We cherish what was and adore what is.

Bridging Hearts, not parting Ways

Our Tradition Collection bears the imprint of Austrian history and traditions yet speaks a cosmopolitan language.Over time, the Tradition line has captivated enthusiasts worldwide.​​It has found its way into the hearts of individuals, both within Austria’s cradle and beyond its borders, who hold a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, vintage romance, and timeless designs. Personalities like Queen Maxima and Dita Von Teese have long since discovered the Austrian vibe for themselves.

‘My great love, Austria.’

SS 24


A romantic stroll through Mediterranean landscapes is probably the best way to describe the Lena Hoschek Tradition spring/summer 2024 collection. Faded, antique frescoes and delicate meadow flowers served as a source of inspiration and allow the traditional costume line to blossom in soft pastel colors.