As an atelier and proud Austrian company, we consider ourselves more than mere tailors; we see ourselves as custodians of a rich tradition. Our dedication goes beyond mere obligation- it reflects a commitment to preserving the artistry of past eras while simultaneously addressing, shaping, and reigniting the needs and desires of our esteemed customers.

Craftsmanship amid Change

In our passion for craftsmanship and tradition, we not only aim to honor past fashion eras but also to translate these values into the modern era. Our approach involves not only a deep exploration of historical crafting methods but also their creative integration into our contemporary artisanal practices. By seamlessly harmonizing the echoes of the past with the rhythm of the present, we not only consistently innovate our crafting techniques but also cultivate a serene connection between artisanal history and the current demands. Our mission goes beyond imparting the invaluable worth of craftsmanship to future generations; it encompasses preserving these values as a wellspring of inspiration for the future.

‘As the old proverb goes, Craftsmanship has a golden foundation. I, too, aim to ensure that the textile craft continues to have a future in Austria.’

Precision and Devotion

Handcrafted with precision, featuring meticulous cutting, an optimal fit, and careful work at the sewing machine – it is the deep respect for the art of tailoring that gives rise to products of enduring quality. This core value holds the highest significance in our company. Our collections are meticulously curated to transcend generations, to be cherished, and to emanate timeless elegance. This embodies a harmonious vision of sustainability, gracefully brought to life through the artistry of excellent craftsmanship.


To ensure the pinnacle of quality, we consistently pursue excellence. With a trained eye and a profound understanding of every nuance, we steadfastly uphold elevated standards, continually refining the trajectory of needle, thread, and scissors – from the meticulous selection of fabrics to the final stages of production. Every garment reaching our studio undergoes a meticulous manual inspection. Dimensions of individual pieces are scrutinized with precision, and the material itself undergoes a thorough examination. Size labels, care instructions, and our logo must be placed with accuracy and adorned with impeccable stitching. Ribbons and buttons undergo scrutiny for secure fastening, and zippers are expected to operate flawlessly. Additionally, any stray threads are attentively removed. Only when a garment aligns with our exacting standards and resonates with our deeply ingrained company philosophy does it earn its place for sale.

‘For me, quality always signifies the utmost standard.’