‘I love beautiful, well-stocked specialty stores with warm and knowledgeable customer service,’ is the creed of Lena Hoschek. We maintain close relationships with our major customers and partners. We communicate extensively and trust each other. In addition to timeless, unmistakable fashion, we stand for quality and sustainability on many levels: in environmental protection, as an employer, and most of our customers have been with us for years. 

Large and loyal customer base

It’s the love for details that is evident in every stitch, the understanding of female silhouettes, and the intuition to create timeless, unmistakable masterpieces with every collection that our customers appreciate about us and our work. Our commitment to reinventing ourselves every six months, surprising beyond trends, is also part of our ongoing success. We make fashion an experience for our customers. And we have the privilege of accompanying them to the biggest, most wonderful, and most beautiful occasions. The lovers of our collections associate us not only with incomparable design but also with many emotions. Our fashion is an expression of personality and individuality. From feminine floral prints to strong patterns – we offer the perfect piece for every occasion, style, and personality type. 

Strong Philosophy

As a key account and partner, you can rely on us: our practices are sustainable, transparent, and efficient. We produce in Europe and place great importance on a positive corporate culture. We see it as our responsibility to preserve old, traditional craftsmanship. Quality, precision, and top-notch service are embedded in our company philosophy. We don’t follow trends; instead, we aspire to create timeless, beautiful fashion that endures across seasons and generations. What also drives us is the motivation to constantly grow and improve as a company and team. That’s why personal conversations and communication with our major customers and partners hold the highest importance.