A penchant for timeless fashion. An eye for beauty. Contrasts that attract. Understanding that tradition is also cosmopolitan.

Is that you? Then you’ve found your perfect match with us.

What we offer you: The opportunity to work for one of Austria’s most renowned fashion labels. To build a career in an exceptional, creative environment. Being part of a dynamic team that thrives on innovation. Adopting a mindset focused on solutions, not obstacles. Reveling in the diverse tapestry of our evolving collections.

Latest job opportunities

Sales Assistant full- or part-time (m/w/d)

⟟   Vienna

⏱  Full-time or part-time

The Austrian brand “Lena Hoschek,” born in 2005, embodies a fusion of vintage allure and contemporary finesse. Each piece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality. It’s in the intricate details and the artisanal touch that Lena Hoschek’s creations truly shine, exuding a timeless charm that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of fashion…

Dressmaker full-time (m/w/d)

⟟   Vienna

⏱   Fulltime

The company Lena Hoschek is growing, and we are in the fortunate position to expand. We’re presently on the lookout for skilled and seasoned individuals to join our atelier team in Vienna. As members of our dynamic and impassioned crew, you’ll thrive in an environment pulsating with inspiration…