The Ribbon Edit

Each ribbon is unique, each skirt a harmonious masterpiece. The ribbon skirts of Lena Hoschek’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection capture the essence of every woman. For the eclectic souls who embrace multiple styles. For the sophisticated who exude elegance and refinement. For the romantics who dream in soft, flowing fabrics. This collection’s diverse designs and fabrics let every woman find and express her own style.

The Eclectic Nomad

With an irresistible blend of freedom and sophistication, she captivates by merging traditional craftsmanship with modern accents. Her look, marked by rich textures and intricate patterns, is eclectic yet elegant. It celebrates diversity and elegance, embodying the soul of a true globetrotter in every detail.

In the Volant Ribbon Skirt in ‘Toscana,‘ the eye is drawn to a graceful, elongated hem ruffle, adding an extra flair to the harmonious ribbon symphony.

The Corporate Vogueur

With couture sophistication, she conquers the business world, seamlessly blending professional prowess with runway style. She pairs Lena Hoschek’s ribbon skirt with a tailored blazer, a delicate silk blouse, and elegant pumps for a look that embodies sophistication and style in the office.

The Opulence Ribbon Skirt in ‘Blueprint‘ impresses with its generous use of material, reflected in its length and wide fullness—a true luxury piece.”

The Romantic Bohemian

Her style is a tribute to the freedom and poetry of life, infused with a touch of nostalgia and a deep connection to nature. Every seam, fabric, and detail reflects her romantic soul, making her a true muse of the bohemian spirit.

In the Opulence Ribbon Skirt ‘Daisies,’ an enchanting bloom unfolds, resembling a poetic garden in motion. The lavish, flower-adorned ribbons flow gently with each step, giving the skirt a captivating lightness. She pairs it with delicate, embroidered silk blouses and intricate lace tops that highlight her romantic side.