Ribbon Skirts

The Ribbon Skirt – a Lena Hoschek Original

Lena Hoschek brought the ribbon skirt back into fashion in 2005. Patterns, embellishments, and especially ribbons –  anything beyond minimalism was quickly labeled kitsch by many two decades ago. But not for Lena, who saw these treasures as unique and bohemian, and carefully tucked them away in her drawers. Ribbons from Poland, Hungary, Peru, India, and France collected over time – all with the aim of one day making a culturally unifying appearance. That day arrived in the autumn of 2005 when Lena Hoschek’s first self-sewn ribbon skirt graced the shelves in Graz.

Often imitated, never matched

The original, featuring its distinctively cinched waist and graceful A-line cut, meticulously crafted from the finest ribbons and trims, is an exclusive creation of Lena Hoschek. This underlines the importance of obtaining these sought-after collectibles directly from Lena Hoschek stores, where you can look for the label ‘The Ribbon Skirt – a Lena Hoschek Original’. Those lucky enough to secure one of the first editions will discover Lena’s signature pig logo with a heart adorning the back of the skirt, reminiscent of the flash tattoos often seen in the rockabilly scene.

Et voilà—the distinctive logos and markings of the genuine Ribbon Skirt, an authentic creation by Lena Hoschek.


A Love Letter to the Ribbon Skirt

Whether you pair it with a blouse, a sweater, a shirt, a denim jacket, or even a band tee, the ribbon skirt is a magnet for compliments like no other – because it effortlessly makes Lena’s signature style and its wearer shine. It’s like wearing a burst of creativity, a splash of vibrant colors, and a dash of collector’s passion right at your hips or around your waist. The ribbon skirt effortlessly commands attention – especially in a setting that understands the craftsmanship behind it. The world has long held a love for ribbons, but Lena Hoschek has taken that love to a whole new level. ‘In Peru, India, and countless other countries, you’ll find flowing skirts adorned with ribbons, but nowhere else will you find a skirt crafted entirely from ribbons,’ the designer reveals.’

‘The ribbon skirt has firmly established itself as traditional Austrian attire and has gained a global following as the quintessential Bohemian signature piece.’

The Evolution of the Prototype

The very first ribbon skirts trace their origins back to a humble beginning – a sketch on a post-it note by a young Lena Hoschek, filled with her vision of the ribbon skirt. ‘In the early days, I crafted skirts of varying widths without the confines of a measurement chart, each one a unique masterpiece. I was constantly on the lookout for precious remnants from ribbon weavers in the Waldviertel and Bregenzer Wald regions,’ Lena fondly remembers.Today, the dressmaker sources her treasures from ribbon weavers in France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Italy. This rich tapestry of influences blends seamlessly with different patterns: the Original Ribbon Skirt sways gracefully, the Volant version boasts an elongated, flowing hem ruffle, and the pinnacle of luxury is the Opulence cut, known for its extravagant use of material due to its remarkable length and breadth.But the story took an unexpected turn towards royalty when Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, in a delightful surprise, donned an Opulence Ribbon Skirt, giving the ribbon skirt a royal seal of approval.

Variety in Skirt Designs

The Original Ribbon Skirt captivates with a timeless design and a comfortable cut. Featuring a broad waistband and generous dimensions, this skirt offers pleasant wearability and a classic silhouette.

The Classic Ribbon Skirt presents itself with a broad waistband and a timeless A-line cut. The classic width imparts a timeless elegance to this skirt model, allowing for versatile combinations.

The Swing Ribbon Skirt is a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and playful design. The gently flared ribbons, combined with traditional trims, give this skirt model a generous and inviting silhouette.

The Opulence Ribbon Skirt delights with its lavish use of materials, reflected in its length and voluminous abundance – a true luxury piece. In the Volant version of the Ribbon Skirt, attention is drawn to a graceful, lengthened hem ruffle, adding that extra touch to the harmonious ribbon symphony.

A Trademark Transformed into a Collector’s Treasure

​​The ribbon skirt, a versatile key piece of the label, stands as resilient as denim and proves to be an investment for a lifetime. In Lena’s eyes, it’s not ideal to see her customers strolling around town in identical attire. Hence, with each collection, fresh interpretations of this classic emerge, guided by the talented designer’s hand. The designer juggles with 13 different colors each season. ‘It’s a bit like cooking in terms of feeling. You look at what’s available in the market, what’s regional and seasonal, and then follow your instincts,’ says Lena as she spreads out her vast selection – always in line with her color concept and intuition. Her mastery of this chromatic symphony is so profound that ‘miss lillys hats’ designer and milliner, Niki Osl, has amassed a collection of 25 of these beloved ribbon skirts – a contemporary equivalent to a connoisseur’s treasury.


Here, Lena Hoschek demonstrates to her colleague Kathi Adami the delicate process of creating thousands of color and ribbon combinations. Crafting a Swing or Classic Ribbon Skirt calls for 30 different ribbons, while the Opulence fit demands a staggering 46, all interwoven with a profound understanding of the poetic language of colors.